Dear Anne,  I am not sure if they award Michelin stars for cake but if they did probably you would be way above the highest rating.  Very nice texture on the cupcakes, soft, not greasy and the cream had a velvet feel to it. I am not French but the word I would use is Magnifique!!! Thank you.    George, Mayfair,  London



Subject:  Amazing cake

Thanks so much for bringing the cake to me this morning – it is STUNNING.  The first person to see it was our MD and to say he has high standards is an understatement ....... he has asked me to pass you his sincere thanks for making such a beautiful cake for us.  Our office manager was also shocked at how good it is.  It seems a shame to have to eat it Everyone who saw the cake  couldn’t believe how real it looked!  Once again, many thanks for your time, effort and creativity.    (Wine bottle crate cake, Mayfair, London)



I was presented with Anne's cake by my girlfriend at my 40th birthday dinner at the Merchant’s Tavern in Shoreditch. It was a sculpture of my cat Myshkin, which had been made to reference by photos my girlfriend provided. I was astounded - the likeness was incredible, and everything was edible, down to the extravagant ribbon round his neck, and the detailed birthday message around the circular base of the cake. All my guests broke into applause and cheers, and one friend leapt across the table to point out the 'split ear', an injury from a fight that has become Myshkin's trademark. His pose was perfect, the way he positions his paws and tail, also his cheeky face and name tag. The cake tasted even better than it looked - it got devoured - and was the perfect finale to a fantastic evening. Anne is a very talented cake maker!   Max., Shoreditch, London



I have been utterly stunned  when seeing each cake Anne has made for me and my family. It is not just the intricate detailing and exquisite craftsmanship, as truly, she should be an acclaimed sculptress of porcelain figurines!! – But also the incredible deliciousness of the actual cakes. I cannot find sufficient superlatives to express what she creates.  Each cake, each individual and at times most intricate items to make up the shape and pieces of the cakes show (and taste) that they are being created with the most incredible amounts of love and utter affection.  I have become such an enthusiast of her cakes, but also of Anne herself.  She is a wonderful individual, with incredible skills and also with immense insight and foresight into designing the perfect cake.   Sylvia, Essex



"Thank you so much for all your hard work and help on the day.  We really appreciate it a lot and were honoured to have you as a guest as well.  We hope you enjoyed the evening.  It passed far too fast for us... The cake was stunning and also delicious.  The whole arrangement with the cake, fireplace and flowers was simply mind blowing to me.  It exceeded my expectations.  You will be very busy on the back of those photos : )"    K. and J., Royal Tunbridge Wells, Kent



"You are blessed with your hands, thank you for my really beautiful cake.  I will recommend you to everyone I know."...   I. Caddington, Bedfordshire



I am generally not a great fan of black forest cake but if I may say so the cake you created is the best black forest I ever had.  It has the right texture on the sponge cake (most others I tasted are very crumbly and thick) whereas your sponge cake is soft but not too soft at the same time it is not dominating in the cake. The layer of chocolate mousse on-top was at the right texture and both this chocolate mousse layer and the cream where not hiding the flavours of the fruit by being too oily or buttery. The dried chocolate pieces on-top had the right texture and crunchiness. A truly superb cake where all flavours and textures came together naturally. I never tasted such a great texture cake. Thank you, it was wonderful.    G. K. , Victoria, London



I had my 50th birthday recently and my daughter arranged to have my cake made as a surprise, and sure enough it was the most beautiful cake I had ever seen, not only was the decoration amazing it was "red velvet" inside and it tasted as good as it looked.  The white and silver decoration and red velvet interior was such a contrast it delighted all my guests as well.  Given it was a surprise and I had never met Anne she came and set it up on a table and made it the centre piece, it was quite a night and my cake apart from everything else was "the cherry on the cake".   Dawn, party at Grand Palace at Wood Green, London



Anne's cakes are amazing.! She is an extremely talented woman and the 50th birthday cake she made for my mother's party was exactly to specification. It was beautiful and everyone at the party was in awe.  She has a wonderful eye for detail and it tasted lovely. Very soft and moist, not too sweet not too bland, spot on infact. And it was so fresh. I have tried her cakes before and they are always so fresh i do not know what it is she does different to other sugar craft artists but they definitely have a signature taste. I would recommend her cakes to anyone, especially if its for a very special occasion, they are perfect. Be careful you won;t want to cut into it because they are so lovely.  Kashmeer, London



They lovvvvved the cake and the whole thing was a huge success. You are super talented and our fav cake maker!  



Our cake and cookies were amazing! Thank you so much for making our special day stressfree. ...( N. and P., Wedding at Brandhatch place, Kent)


I just wanted to say how thrilled I am with the cakes!!! They look absolutely amazing.... My mum and sister were really taken aback with how good they were...  Thank you so so much for the effort you have put into them   ... (Amanda,  Wedding at Hansbury Manor, Hertfordshire)


OMG our cake was AMAZING we couldn't believe it when we arrived at the venue.  Thank you so much!!! You are just the best. ... Kash, London



Hi Anne,

Just to let you know the cake was a huge success :).   My mum squealed when she saw it, then cried then I thought she was going to pass out.     Maxie was obsessed with the little figurine  of himself and just kept staring at it (and the balloons).  I was greedy and had 2 slices as it was so good.  I'm not even a huge fan of sponge (sometimes they are too dry). I love Greek cakes which are similar to gateaux. My fiancé's reaction (he who doesn't like cake at all): "wow this is wonderful ....  Thank you so much for everything Anne you've been truly amazing.   P.S It's all gone :(    Chrys, Bedfordshire



My birthday cake was sooo nice I coudn't stop eating it, very morish!  I have saved the top tier , I put it in the freezer for Christmas... Please make me another one!!...   (June, Bedfordshire)



Our cake was just amazing - we almost felt bad cutting into it, it looked so good, but the taste was definitely worth it! It's so unusual to get a gluten-free cake that tastes so good. Thank you so much! ... (Emily, London)



Thank you ever so much for your simply stunning birthday cupcakes. I marvelled so much at mine, that I found it really quite hard to bring myself to eat them - they were such a work of art. I greatly enjoyed devouring them in the end and haven't stopped thinking about how delicious they were since. What a fine art to be able to balance such a  beautiful appearance with a delicious taste and texture. I'm in awe of your skills! Thank you! xx .... (E.,  Newcastle)



That cake was absolutely dreamy!!!  [my son] gave it a 10 out of 10 and claimed it was delicious, he also wants it for his Birthday cake next July...

[my fiance] said it was the best chocolate cake he has ever had.... He wants to know how you can make it so chocolatey but not too sweet whilst still remaining moist.  We're all sold on it!!



"What a surprise to come home from travelling to such a beautiful cake..I could not have imagined a more incredible and bespoke cake to get for my birthday. You are seriously the most talented woman I know.   You have  fantastic attention to detail and always gives the WOW factor in every cake you make. Not only beautiful to look at, my cake was super delicious too. I am so lucky, Thank you  mummy.   Lou, Holland Park, London



They (minicakes) are absolutely amazing!!!! They're perfect!! I can't believe how good they are.... I'm so excited to have the real thing now.



The best chocolate cakes I have ever tasted; add a touch of vanilla ice cream and you have a match made in heaven.  (Julien, London)



We absolutely loved the Rich Carrott cake!!! I'm not even a carrot cake lover but it was so tasty and moist...! We enjoyed the fruit too and liked it being moist, but we were won over by the carrot cake...



Our favourite was the Delectable Fruitcake with the walnuts, cherries and brandy. It was gorgeous ...although we liked them all...


A perfect cake from a most wonderfully talented lady!!   Thank you!!


I didn't expect anything so perfect.  The nursery rhyme cake you made for my son was so beautiful, he wouldn't let me cut it for three days....


"Cake looks AMAZING!!!!!" Maggie, London


"The cupcakes were delicious and my bf loved all the decoration. We ate 4 the same day (Friday) as we could not stop eating. Thanks!!!! ,," (Football cupcakes), A., Madrid




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It is SO SO awesome!!!!!!!  

Elisa Strauss, Confetti cakes, New York


Darling!!! What a great sculptor you are!    

Wendy Kromer, Martha Stewart contributing editor, USA